16. Sanity-Saving Tips For Winter (with Writer & Editor Kate Silver)


Wondering how you’re going to stay sane during this quarantine-heavy winter? Join the club! Thankfully, in today’s podcast, Karen & Katie chat with the incredible Kate Silver, a writer and editor in Chicago, about her plans for a mentally-healthy winter. The trio also chat about found joys in the pandemic and the concept of creativity right now. What’s more: our sponsors DELIVER this week – make sure to take note of all of the fabulous folks who are supporting us – thank you, Folks!

Resources for this episode: 

– Kate Silver: https://www.thekatesilver.com/

– Matt Villano’s CNN.com story ‘How to Decline Thanksgiving in the Name of COVID” https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/12/health/skip-thanksgiving-covid-wellness/index.html

15. Self-Care


Phew, what a week! In today’s episode, Karen & Katie discuss how they were doing during the anxiety-ridden election week, what self-care practices helped them most, & ruminate on the concept of owning, without apology, whatever makes them feel good. Karen sends gratitude to the original cast of Hamilton, & Katie admits to possibly creating a super spreader event over Halloween. 

Resources from this episode

– Stephen Colbert’s monologue on Nov. 5, 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeSiJmLoJd0

– Take a Break, song from Hamilton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itKtosLoGk4

– Calm app (check out the #Spark section for Dr. Tania Israel’s talk!) https://www.calm.com/

– Check out Dr. Tania Israel’s book ‘Beyond Your Bubble’ https://taniaisrael.com/beyond-your-bubble-book/

14. Batlight Activism (w/Tamara Lefcowitz & Randie Pearson of United Steelworkers Union)


Politics & voting & run-ins with the Secret Service, OH MY!

In today’s pre-election episode, Karen & Katie talk with the incredible Tamara Lefcowitz & Randie Pearson, two members of the United Steelworkers Union, about the ‘batlight tour’ that has been sweeping the nation. Ever since September, Tamara, Randie, & two other female Union members have been partaking in a road show where they shine massive ‘Biden Harris 2020’ lights onto buildings. Their effort gained massive attention in mid-October when a light was seen projected onto Chicago’s Trump Tower, above the TRUMP sign (Twitter blew up within minutes).

In today’s episode, Tamara & Randie offer a behind-the-scenes look at the ‘batlight tour,’ explain their harrowing run-ins with the Secret Service, & offer advice on how to stay active in politics well after election day.

Resources from today’s episode:

– USW Bat Light on Twitter: @USWBat

– Tamara Lefcowitz on Twitter: @TLefcowitz

– Randie Pearson on Twitter: @RandiePearson

– Want to talk with your government official? Call the United States Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121

– Looking to be a poll worker? Check out Power The Polls

– Check out the Doomscrolling Reminder Lady on Twitter: @karenkho

13. Season 2 Kickoff & Topic Smorgasbord


After three weeks away, Karen & Katie are BACK with Season 2 of Of Course I’m Not OK. In today’s episode, they unveil this project as a podcast (vs. an audio project), chat about topics they’ll be covering in this season, & introduce some very exciting sponsors.

Enjoy & thanks for listening!

12. Fighting Perfection & Doing The Thing (Season 1 Finale!)


It’s our Season 1 Finale!

In this week’s episode, Karen & Kate reflect on the journey of starting this Audio Project, things they learned, & topics they were too afraid to discuss (sex, for one!). They talk about their process & comment on how wonderful it has been to just hit “play” & bust any perfectionism mindsets by trusting their creative processes. The pair also makes compelling cases for sponsorships from both Calm.com and Subaru.

Of Course I’m Not OK will be back with Season 2 on Oct. 19!

Resources from this episode:

– Check out Esther Perel’s work around intimacy/sex in quarantine (and her many amazing books) https://www.estherperel.com/

– For more sex talk, make sure to subscribe to the podcast Feminist Erotica: https://rebelliousmagazine.com/the-feminist-erotica-podcast-is-live/

11. Mental Health Master Class (with Naiylah Warren, LMFT)


Get ready to take notes! On this week’s episode, Karen & Katie do a mental health deep dive with Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Naiylah Warren, LMFT. The trio chat about the cultural messaging in the Black community where women are taught to “shake off” mental health issues (& how things are now shifting generationally), how to squeeze in self-care even when you don’t have a minute to spare (pay attention when you have to pee!), how to trust your body’s wisdom (Katie shares how she didn’t do this & ended up at the neurologist), how being emotionally vulnerable in friendships can help us feel more connected (+ how to identify which friendships are safe in which to be emotionally intimate), & tips on how to find a therapist (treat it like any other doctor – get additional opinions!). This 50-minute episode will leave you feeling less alone & inspired to take action to better your mental health. Enjoy! Resources from Episode 11:  – Connect with Naiylah Warren, LMFT, on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naionlife/?hl=en  – Check out the National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network: https://www.nqttcn.com/  – Get access to mental health house calls with Heal: https://heal.com  – Real, a mental health startup innovating in the therapy space (also, where the amazing Naiylah works!) https://www.join-real.com/  – Check out resources such as Black and POC therapists on Therapy For Black Girls: http://www.therapyforblackgirls.com  – Check out therapist listings (you can filter the search to meet your needs) on Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists  – Watch ‘Kissing Jessica Stein’ (such a good movie) https://www.amazon.com/Kissing-Jessica-Stein-Jennifer-Westfeldt/dp/B000SW16N0  – Read ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz: https://www.miguelruiz.com/the-four-agreements – Find out more about Heal Haus, a therapy practice in New York: https://www.healhaus.com/

10. Firing Inner Bullies, Manifesting Dreams, & Fighting Fears (with Lisa Pepper-Satkin, MFT)


If you’re having a hard week, this episode is for YOU. Karen & Katie chat with Lisa Pepper-Satkin, MFT, founder of Integrated Therapeutic Coaching, about how to identify and “fire” our inner bullies (yes, please!), how we can manifest our dreams, and how to fight those pesky “what if” fears (of which there are many these days!). 

Resources from this week’s episode: 

– Check out Lisa’s free PDF on how to fire your inner bully: http://bit.ly/6StepstoFireInnerBully

– Sign up for Lisa’s free coaching calls at 12pmPT on Wednesdays: https://lisapeppersatkin.com/

– Check out Lisa’s many amazing offerings on her website: https://lisapeppersatkin.com/

– Connect with Lisa on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LisaPepperSatkin/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/lisapeppersatkin/?hl=en)

9. Emotional Resetting Amid The Apocalypse


Anyone else finding themselves throwing their hands in the air & yelling into the void? On this week’s episode, Karen & Katie discuss strategies on how to reset emotionally when it feels like the world is ending. Katie asks if there should be an expiration date on “shit sitting,” Karen shares that with so much happening she’s been feeling like a contestant on American Gladiators, and the pair trade tips & tricks (from staring at the ceiling to reading erotica) that are helping them stay sane right now. Listeners: we’d love to hear from you! What is helping you emotionally reset during this crazy time?! Connect with us on Twitter (@Not_OK_Pod) and Instagram (@not_ok_pod), and feel free to send us suggestions/comments at notokpod@gmail.com. 

Resources from this episode: 

– Gender reveal party pioneer regrets starting trend, now has non-binary child: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.huffpost.com/entry/gender-reveal-creator-plot-twist_l_5d3b7f49e4b0c31569eae583/amp

– Find out more about “This is Fine” dog meme creator: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2016/5/5/11592622/this-is-fine-meme-comic

– Feminist Erotica: a fabulous podcast co-hosted by Jera Brown, Princess McDowell, and our very own Karen Hawkins. Check out the recent episode with erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel: https://rebelliousmagazine.com/the-feminist-erotica-podcast-is-live/

– Wanna try unplugging for one day per week? Check out Tiffany Shlain’s book: 24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day A Week: https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/24-6/Tiffany-Shlain/9781982116866

8. Kindness During Stressful Times


What does it mean to be kind (to ourselves & others) during these trying times? In today’s episode, Katie admits to road rage, Karen discusses how she realized that someone difficult in her life was suffering, and the pair agree that boundaries are a form of self-kindness. 

Karen & Katie also put into the universe how wonderful it would be to Tamara Levitt, the voice of the Calm app, on the podcast. 

Resources from this episode: 

– Calm app: https://www.calm.com/

7. Navigating Difficult Political Conversations (with Dr. Tania Israel)


Anyone else struggling with tense political conversations?! Worried that those conversations may cause the end to some of cherished relationships? If so, you are not alone. In this week’s episode, Karen & Katie welcome Dr. Tania Israel, psychology professor at the University of California Santa Barbara and author of the new book Beyond Your Bubble: How to Connect Across the Political Divide, Skills and Strategies for Conversations That Work. The trio have a lively discussion on strategies to employ when talking across political lines, best practices for allyship and how social media plays a part in today’s divisive political climate. 

Get ready to take notes – Dr. Israel is a ROCK STAR and shares loads of fabulous takeaways!

Resources from today’s episode: 

– Dr. Israel’s book: Beyond Your Bubble: How to Connect Across the Political Divide, Skills and Strategies for Conversations That Work – https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Your-Bubble-Strategies-Conversations/dp/1433833557

– Dr. Israel’s Twitter: @Tania_Israel

– Dr. Israel’s website: http://taniaisrael.com/

– Calm app: https://www.calm.com/

– Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @not_ok_pod, and email us with questions/comments/suggestions: notokpod@gmail.com

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