22. Lessons We’re Bringing Into The New Year


Happy New Year, Listeners! In today’s episode, Karen & Katie chat about lessons from 2020 that they are intentionally bringing into 2021. Saying yes to saying no (without explanation)! Boundaries on time & space! Not projecting! Being intentional with our energies! TRUSTING OUR BODIES! Katie talks about being hopeful for the New Year, while Karen expresses a little more trepidation, & the pair agree that both feelings can be true at the same time. 

For today’s sponsor, Katie is advertising her Joy & Vulnerability Virtual Writing Workshops (this is a real sponsor, not a spoof). Her upcoming workshop (for womxn only) is slated for Jan. 15, 2021 – click here for tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/joy-vulnerability-a-virtual-writing-workshop-jan-15-2021-tickets-133243385553?utm_source=eventbrite&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=post_publish&utm_content=shortLinkNewEmail. 

And for information on her other workshops, check out her site: http://www.katiemorell.com


21. 2020 Time Capsule


If you had to bottle up a few items/experiences/memories from 2020 to open in future, what would they be? In today’s episode, Karen & Katie celebrate the last week of 2020 (YAY!!) by talking about what they would put in their 2020 time capsules. Thank you, Dear Listeners, for joining us on the crazy rollercoaster that was this year. We look forward to doing more episodes in 2021!

Wishing you all peace & health!


Karen & Katie

20. Embrace Your Unique Gifts For The Hell Of It


Happy Christmas week, Listeners! In today’s episode, Karen & Katie discuss how important for us all to embrace our unique gifts (double-entendre-week-of-holiday-alert!). Interested in drawing? What about painting or dancing or collecting sticks that are no longer than 3 inches? Or diving deep into the history of truffle pigs and their plight during WWII? Whatever your interest/passion, this episode is designed to inspire you to go after it, and to do it for the hell of it (just say no to traditional outcomes!).


Resources referred to in this episode:

– Calm Master Class with Elizabeth Gilbert:


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– Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders (WHAT) in ‘A Recipe for Seduction’ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Recipe_for_Seduction

19. Showing Up For Ourselves & Others Right Now


In this time of socially-distanced everything, today Karen & Katie discuss how to show up for family & friends when we can’t just bop over for a physical hug. The pair share strategies that are working for them in their communities, & also stress the importance of how to show up for ourselves (such a vital-yet-almost-always-overlooked topic!).

How do you show up for your people & yourself right now? Shoot us an email at notokpod@gmail.com or message us on Twitter/IG (@notokpod). Thanks, Friends!

18. The Power of Rituals (Even in Quarantine)


Happy Monday, Listeners! In today’s episode, Karen & Katie discuss rituals – how they are being performed right now (funerals, birthdays, you name it), the brain science behind them, & how creating daily rituals can help us stay mentally sane during this time. Karen shares the story of her pricey visit to the vet, Katie rants about a recent debacle at the DMV, & the pair muse about the power of daily affirmations to help us all feel better.

Thanks for listening – Enjoy!

17. Creating Space For Joy & Gratitude


Are you feeling joy right now but afraid to admit it with so many challenges facing the world? If so, you aren’t alone! In this week’s episode, Karen & Katie make a case for the importance of embracing joy (even in the face of suffering), the connections between optimism and gratitude, the ways in which gratitude changes our brains (WHOA), and are visited by future President Kamala Harris. Whoop! Whoop!

Enjoy Friends, and thanks for listening! We will be back Dec. 7, 2020 with a new episode. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Resources for today’s episode: 

– Call Your Girlfriend: https://www.callyourgirlfriend.com/

– Shine Theory: https://www.shinetheory.com/

– How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain: https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_gratitude_changes_you_and_your_brain

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– The Optimist’s Manifesto: https://davine.com/the-optimists-manifesto/

– Shawn Achor’s Masterclass on Calm “Discovering Happiness” – https://blog.calm.com/blog/5-happiness-hacks-from-shawn-achor-in-our-latest-calm-masterclass

16. Sanity-Saving Tips For Winter (with Writer & Editor Kate Silver)


Wondering how you’re going to stay sane during this quarantine-heavy winter? Join the club! Thankfully, in today’s podcast, Karen & Katie chat with the incredible Kate Silver, a writer and editor in Chicago, about her plans for a mentally-healthy winter. The trio also chat about found joys in the pandemic and the concept of creativity right now. What’s more: our sponsors DELIVER this week – make sure to take note of all of the fabulous folks who are supporting us – thank you, Folks!

Resources for this episode: 

– Kate Silver: https://www.thekatesilver.com/

– Matt Villano’s CNN.com story ‘How to Decline Thanksgiving in the Name of COVID” https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/12/health/skip-thanksgiving-covid-wellness/index.html

15. Self-Care


Phew, what a week! In today’s episode, Karen & Katie discuss how they were doing during the anxiety-ridden election week, what self-care practices helped them most, & ruminate on the concept of owning, without apology, whatever makes them feel good. Karen sends gratitude to the original cast of Hamilton, & Katie admits to possibly creating a super spreader event over Halloween. 

Resources from this episode

– Stephen Colbert’s monologue on Nov. 5, 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeSiJmLoJd0

– Take a Break, song from Hamilton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itKtosLoGk4

– Calm app (check out the #Spark section for Dr. Tania Israel’s talk!) https://www.calm.com/

– Check out Dr. Tania Israel’s book ‘Beyond Your Bubble’ https://taniaisrael.com/beyond-your-bubble-book/

14. Batlight Activism (w/Tamara Lefcowitz & Randie Pearson of United Steelworkers Union)


Politics & voting & run-ins with the Secret Service, OH MY!

In today’s pre-election episode, Karen & Katie talk with the incredible Tamara Lefcowitz & Randie Pearson, two members of the United Steelworkers Union, about the ‘batlight tour’ that has been sweeping the nation. Ever since September, Tamara, Randie, & two other female Union members have been partaking in a road show where they shine massive ‘Biden Harris 2020’ lights onto buildings. Their effort gained massive attention in mid-October when a light was seen projected onto Chicago’s Trump Tower, above the TRUMP sign (Twitter blew up within minutes).

In today’s episode, Tamara & Randie offer a behind-the-scenes look at the ‘batlight tour,’ explain their harrowing run-ins with the Secret Service, & offer advice on how to stay active in politics well after election day.

Resources from today’s episode:

– USW Bat Light on Twitter: @USWBat

– Tamara Lefcowitz on Twitter: @TLefcowitz

– Randie Pearson on Twitter: @RandiePearson

– Want to talk with your government official? Call the United States Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121

– Looking to be a poll worker? Check out Power The Polls

– Check out the Doomscrolling Reminder Lady on Twitter: @karenkho

13. Season 2 Kickoff & Topic Smorgasbord


After three weeks away, Karen & Katie are BACK with Season 2 of Of Course I’m Not OK. In today’s episode, they unveil this project as a podcast (vs. an audio project), chat about topics they’ll be covering in this season, & introduce some very exciting sponsors.

Enjoy & thanks for listening!