50. Our LIVE One-Year Anniversary Show!


Woot Woot! Today’s episode is the recording of our LIVE one-year anniversary show, which took place on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. 

Huge thanks to everyone who joined and to everyone listening now! Karen & Katie started off the show with a general catch up and love letter to the great Simone Biles, then went into a Q&A portion of the event with the live audience, and the show ended with a lively trivia game. 


49. The Case For Taking A Vacation Right Now


Hello, Listeners! Karen & Katie are so excited today because TOMORROW (Tuesday, July 27th) is their LIVE (on Zoom) One-Year Anniversary Show! Wanna join them? Please do – just click on the link the Instagram bio for this pod (@not_ok_pod) and purchase one ticket for your household for $25. They can’t wait to see you tomorrow. 

On today’s show, the pair chat about their feelings about the new COVID variant news and make a strong case for taking vacation right now (even if it is just to take a prolonged lunch break and look out at some nature). The mental health benefits cannot be underestimated and both Karen and Katie discuss how recently taking time off has helped them in a myriad of ways. 

Looking for some cool hiking trails in your area, or on vacay? Check out the AllTrails app – it’s free to download: https://www.alltrails.com/

Have a fabulous week, and thank you for listening! xoxo

48. Coffee Talk & Intuition


On today’s episode, Karen and Katie get into a deep conversation about how quitting caffeine has helped them in many aspects of their lives. They then dovetail that topic into the topic of intuition – something that is louder for both of them since quitting coffee – and discuss the importance of listening to one’s deep wise voice inside. 

Resources from today’s episode: 

– Check out the Shattered Glass podcast episode with Oprah – it is EXCELLENT: https://armchairexpertpod.com/pods/oprah-winfrey

47. Turning A Crowd Corner


Happy Monday, Listeners, and a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE AND ONLY KAREN HAWKINS! Our brilliant co-host, Karen, is celebrating another amazing year around the sun, and we couldn’t be happier that she was born. 

This week, Karen & Katie discuss their feelings on turning, what they call, “a crowd corner.” As the world opens up, they are finding themselves more and more OK with socializing. Katie discusses her recent journey to a family wedding and then a vacation in Washington (quite a bit was involved with each trip and she goes into great detail on the ups and downs), and Karen talks about how she is regulating her entrance back into society and introduces the concept of pacing herself when newly seeing people. 

Resources from this episode: 

– Check out Getaway, a company that offers beautiful, digital-free cabins near many major metro areas: https://getaway.house/

– Take a peek at the tattoo artist that did Katie’s most recent tattoos: https://www.instagram.com/winterstone/?hl=en

46. Big Emotions


Happy Monday, Listeners! This week, Karen and Katie are talking about how BIG EMOTIONS can creep into our minds when we least expect them and how to accept them and allow them to move through our bodies. Katie talks about a rental car meltdown she recently experienced (looking at you, Hotwire.com!), and Karen shares how framing situations as temporary often helps her calm down when feelings get heated. 

Hope you all are having a good July – thanks for listening!

P.S. We are having a Live One Year Anniversary Show (on ZOOM) on Tuesday, July 27th! Tickets are $25/household and you all are invited! Snag your tickets with the link in our IG bio (@not_ok_pod) or on Katie’s IG bio (@katie.i.morell). 



Happy PRIDE, Everyone! 

In today’s episode, Karen and Katie chat about Pride weekend and the importance of the worldwide festivities every June. They also talk about the concept of pride in ourselves, and being proud for who we are at at whatever stage of life we find ourselves in. 

BONUS: Karen & Katie will be hosting a LIVE SHOW to mark this podcast’s one year anniversary on Tuesday, July 27th! The pair is SO excited about this and encourage everyone to purchase a ticket ($25/household) with the link on @not_ok_pod’s IG and Katie’s IG @katie.i.morell. 

Thanks for listening!

44. Aging


Hello Listeners and thanks for tuning into this week’s installment of Of Course I’m Not OK! Today, Karen & Katie chat about aging. They discuss Katie’s recent 40th birthday – with all of it’s ups and, well, not so great moments – and talk about how aging is actually a wonderful thing that they both feel grateful for (well, most of the time). 

Have a good week!

43. Reunions & Caffeine Withdrawal


Welcome back, Listeners! We are so glad you’re here. In today’s episode, Karen & Katie chat about their recent reunions with family and how they feel about easing back into socializing. They then go deep into the emotional, social, physical, and societal implications of drinking caffeine and also quitting it. 

This episode is a ton of fun – hope you enjoy!


– Check out Ellen Forney’s graphic novel MARBLES here: http://marblesbyellenforney.com/about.php#.YMb2NzZKjfY

42. Living A Life Of Yes With Saya Hillman


Get ready for an epic episode! This week, Karen and Katie welcome Saya (pronounced Sigh-A) Hillman, a.k.a. ‘The Accessible Oprah,’ for a far-reaching and very real conversation about living what Saya calls ‘A Life Of Yes.’ As founder and CEO of Mac & Cheese Productions, a Chicago-based lifestyle business that creates events (and many other things) for its clients, Saya explains how getting fired in 2004 was one of the best things that could have happened to her.

Since then, she’s built a thriving business and is dedicated to living life on her terms. In today’s conversation, Saya suggests writing bulleted lists of what you want, what you don’t want, who you are, and what you want to become. And to keep writing and not to self-censor!

There are SO MANY nuggets of wisdom that you may want to listen a second time.

Enjoy and thanks for listening. We will be taking a break and will be back with regularly scheduled programming on Monday, June 14th.

Happy Summer!

Resources from today’s episode:

– Mac & Cheese Productions: https://macncheeseproductions.com/

– Saya’s blog post about her Selfish Sabbatical: https://macncheeseproductions.com/im-on-a-selfish-sabbatical/

– Saya’s blog post about the end of her sabbatical: https://macncheeseproductions.com/selfishsabbaticalreturn/

– Saya’s TedX talk: How To Design A Life Of Yes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH_JSucEZMk

– Saya’s blog post ‘How Do You Think I Make Money?’ https://macncheeseproductions.com/how-do-you-think-i-make-money/

41. MINI POD: Daydreaming As A Manifestation Tool


Welcome to our first MINI POD, Listeners! In today’s 15-minute episode, Karen & Katie chat about how daydreaming is a form of manifestation. They encourage everyone to be open to the energy of dreaming as a self-care practice, and to welcome any ideas and feelings that come up. 

Enjoy & thank you for listening!


– Check out Anna Peterson’s art at Amejko Artistry: https://www.amejkoartistry.com/

– You can find Anna on IG, too: https://www.instagram.com/amejkoartistry/?hl=en