90. Abortion: A Conversation with Dr. Tania Israel

Welcome, listeners to a very SPECIAL EPISODE. On today’s show, Karen and Katie welcome back the magnificent Dr. Tania Israel, renowned author of ‘Beyond Your Bubble: How to Connect Across the Political Divide, Skills and Strategies for Conversations That Work.’ Whereas in past episodes with Dr. Israel, the trio has talked about her work and how she does it, in this show, the group actually DOES the work. What ensues is our most vulnerable show yet. All three were surprised at what they said and learned about themselves through the process.

Thank you for listening, we hope you enjoy!

Resources from today’s show:

– Check out Dr. Israel’s article ‘Pro-Dialogue: Some Benefits of Deepening Our Conversations About Abortion’ https://taniaisrael.medium.com/pro-dialogue-some-benefits-of-deepening-our-conversations-about-abortion-ed369c8412f4

– Write Dr. Israel on her site to tell her about YOUR experiences with dialogue! https://taniaisrael.com/beyond-your-bubble/

– Check out Dr. Israel’s amazing book: https://taniaisrael.com/beyond-your-bubble-book/

– And follow her on IG: https://www.instagram.com/bybdialogue/?hl=en

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