52. Cultivating Spaciousness, Teaching Dharma, & Pursing Creative Endeavors (with Prajna Sparks’ co-hosts Dr. Tania Israel & Karma Yeshe Chödrön)

  1. 156. Having Faith In Our Future Selves
  2. 155. Protecting Your Peace
  3. 154. Grace

Listeners – great news! The great Dr. Tania Israel is BAAACCCCKKKK and chatting with Karen and Katie for this week’s pod. What’s more: she’s brought along her dear friend Karma Yeshe Chödrön to talk all about their podcast Prajna Sparks. The pair started their podcast around the same time as Karen and Katie did, so in today’s podcast they discuss the creative process, the mental health benefits of being creative, and how wonderful it is to pursue projects with friends. Yet there is SO MUCH MORE to this conversation. Yeshe explains her path from litigator to Buddhist translator and teacher, and how she and Tania are putting something gorgeous into the world in every episode of Prajna Sparks with Dharma talks, original songs (lyrics written by Tania), and guided meditations. 

The group also discusses meditation, how to talk about the issue of vaccinations without getting triggered(!!), and more. We really hope you enjoy this one. 

Resources for today’s episode: 

– Check out the Prajna Sparks podcast on any podcast platform: https://www.prajnafire.com/sparks

– Make sure to listen to Episode 11 of Prajna Sparks for Meditation Myths: https://www.prajnafire.com/sparks/episode/64b4bcc3/11-or-meditation-myths

– Check out the new Chicago Reader website – huge congrats to Karen and her team! https://chicagoreader.com/

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