36. Radical Imagination For The Aftertimes


Happy Vaccination Week! In today’s episode, Karen & Katie chat about how they both got their vaccines this week, their feelings around going back into social situations (from two-person coffee dates to 500-person weddings), and both agree that the so-called ‘aftertimes’ are going to be filled with awkwardness. 

How can any convo go beyond the 60-min Zoom limit? 

How do we end dinner parties without ‘leave meeting’ buttons? 

The pair then seamlessly segues into a conversation around RADICAL IMAGINATION. What is the most true and beautiful (to borrow a phrase from the great Glennon Doyle) version we can see for our lives in a post-COVID world? Karen & Katie let their imaginations run wild. What ensues is a real-time strategy & manifestation session for the ages, complete with a podcast empire, private jets, and champagne slides at the office. 

Thanks for listening – enjoy!

Resources from today’s episode: 

– Scalawag Magazine: https://scalawagmagazine.org/

– CheapOldHouses Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cheapoldhouses/?hl=en