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32. Pandemic Grief & the COVID Anniversary (with writer Hope Edelman)


Has anyone else been feeling a bit low lately? If so, the reason may surprise you. According to writer and grief expert Hope Edelman, many people experience a “dip in functioning” around the one-year anniversary of a trauma or loss. This week marks one year since COVID descended on the U.S., and in today’s episode, Karen & Katie chat with Hope about the concept of Pandemic Grief. 

The conversation is fascinating; Hope covers how culture in the U.S. over the last 150 years has changed around grief and how the one-year anniversary may be impacting us in different ways than any other trauma in our lives. Huge bonus: She also offers advice on how listeners can deal with and process their grief. 

Resources from today’s episode: 

– Hope’s op-ed on pandemic grief in The Washington Post (A MUST READ) –

– Connect with Hope on: 

Her website:




– Check out her community for Motherless Daughters: (and the upcoming Mother’s Day event – free for all and scheduled for the day before Mother’s Day this year)

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