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20. Embrace Your Unique Gifts For The Hell Of It


Happy Christmas week, Listeners! In today’s episode, Karen & Katie discuss how important for us all to embrace our unique gifts (double-entendre-week-of-holiday-alert!). Interested in drawing? What about painting or dancing or collecting sticks that are no longer than 3 inches? Or diving deep into the history of truffle pigs and their plight during WWII? Whatever your interest/passion, this episode is designed to inspire you to go after it, and to do it for the hell of it (just say no to traditional outcomes!).


Resources referred to in this episode:

– Calm Master Class with Elizabeth Gilbert:

– Happiest Season on Hulu:

– Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project:

– Chanel Miller, illustrator & author of ‘Know My Name’

– Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders (WHAT) in ‘A Recipe for Seduction’

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