10. Firing Inner Bullies, Manifesting Dreams, & Fighting Fears (with Lisa Pepper-Satkin, MFT)


If you’re having a hard week, this episode is for YOU. Karen & Katie chat with Lisa Pepper-Satkin, MFT, founder of Integrated Therapeutic Coaching, about how to identify and “fire” our inner bullies (yes, please!), how we can manifest our dreams, and how to fight those pesky “what if” fears (of which there are many these days!). 

Resources from this week’s episode: 

– Check out Lisa’s free PDF on how to fire your inner bully: http://bit.ly/6StepstoFireInnerBully

– Sign up for Lisa’s free coaching calls at 12pmPT on Wednesdays: https://lisapeppersatkin.com/

– Check out Lisa’s many amazing offerings on her website: https://lisapeppersatkin.com/

– Connect with Lisa on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LisaPepperSatkin/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/lisapeppersatkin/?hl=en)