Of Course I’m Not OK: The Podcast

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Hosted by Karen Hawkins and Katie Morell, writers & longtime friends, this podcast explores mental health, creativity, & coping with quarantine.

The goal: to help people feel less alone, share stores, & create connection.

Latest Episodes

64. Rage Revisited

Happy Thanksgiving, Listeners! This week, Karen and Katie get into a deep discussion about everything from travel (Katie once lived in…More


60. Community

In this week’s episode, Karen & Katie chat about how being in community positively impacts their lives, and how there are a myriad of ways to think about the topic.More


59. Quelling Negative Self-Talk with G.L.A.D.

Hello, Listeners! Karen & Katie have a great episode for you this week, one about the acronym G.L.A.D. Developed by mindfulness expert Donald Altman, the acronym is designed to help reduce ruminating thoughts that can lead to negative self-talk. More


Meet Our Hosts

Karen Hawkins

Karen Hawkins is co-publisher and co-editor-in-chief of the Chicago Reader, and founder of Rebellious Magazine for Women and the Feminist Media Foundation. She is also the co-host of two podcasts: Of Course I’m Not OK and Feminist Erotica. She is also a longtime mentor and national board member for NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists. She is a frequent and enthusiastic speaker about newsroom diversity, LGBTQ+ issues, and feminism. Karen lives in Chicago with her two elderly cats.

Katie Morell

Katie Morell is a journalist, workshop facilitator, podcaster, and mental health advocate who lives in Bend, Oregon. In addition to writing articles for a variety of publications, she coaches writers, facilitates Joy & Vulnerability Virtual Writing Workshops; pens a monthly newsletter about joy, pain, and vulnerability called Rainbows & Shitpiles; writes a newsletter about her professional life called The Katie Morell Weekly(ish); and co-hosts a mental health/humor podcast called Of Course I’m Not OK.

Of Course I’m Not OK